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Information on Grad Cruises


  • June 10th 2016. 3 Days


  • Norwegian Sky


  • 5 parties included (must book with HHT to be able to attend)

    • Welcome Party, first night on ship (featured for Family and friends as well)

    • Beach party, Great Stirrup Cay (Family can come, up to the graduate)

    • Las Vegas style pool party, on ship at night (Family can come, up to the graduate)

    • Senior Frogs Party in the Bahamas (featured for Family and friends as well)

    • Farewell Party (featured for Family and friends as well)


  • Information on booking a room and the rules (Minimum age to book a room is 21. There must be a 21-year-old adult or older in the room. If you want to be in a room with your friends, you either have to have someone 21 years of age or older or parents in the cabin next to yours. You can also have the parent put the room under their name and the other parent put their room under their name and just switch rooms once on the cruise.)


  • Information on the All Inclusive (Also, because this cruise is an all inclusive cruise for only beer and wine. The age limit to drink on the cruise is 18 and older. However, your parent must be on the cruise for the graduate to be able to drink. Once on the ship parent signs a waiver saying that graduate is allowed to drink. More details on the all inclusive is on our website!all-inclusive/qtpdq.)  For Adults 21 and over the all inclusive includes every type of liquor, beer and wine(ALL alcoholic beverages)


  • BECOME A CAPTAIN (INFO on that is attached to this file below)


  • Prices is also attached below


Captains Wanted

How to become a Grad Cruise Captain... 

Earn a FREE Trip and Cash!

• Are you a leader?
• Are you outgoing, organized, and hardworking? • Do you want to go cruising with friends?
• Are you active in social media?
• Are you a member of an on-campus organization, Club Member/Leader, or Sports Club?


If any of these applies to you, YOU are the person we need!


Many times the decision makers and planners are our parents! In that case they can become captains too!


We are searching for campus reps and promoters. Do you and your friends want to go on a cruise this summer? Take advantage of this program by being a group leader. You can earn cash AND get a FREE cruise!

Interested? Fill out the application at the bottom of this page. 

1. Book your cruise!

Book your cruise is the first step to become a captain! After that then all your friend and family can join under your name!

2. Garther your friends!

The earlier you start, the more money you can make! It won’t be difficult to get everyone interested, since most students are already looking to travel for their Graduation celebration!

3. Spread the word like wildfire!

Get all your friends and acquaintances excited about our Graduation Party Cruise. If your friend is planning to join your group all they have to do is give your name and they will automatically be put under your group and that is one cabin added to your group! The more you spread the word, the more sales you will generate. You can work as much or as little as you want… feel free to pass out flyers, or even just posting on Facebook and Instagram will generate sales for you.

4. Earn CASH for Every Cabin That Books!

As people start booking using your name, your commissions will start adding up automatically!

5. Get your trip on us!

… AND make some easy cash. That’s it!

Want some more details as to why WE have the BEST way to celebrate your graduation? How about we tell you about our parties...


The parties that we throw are:


  • Welcome Party, First night on ship(featured for Family and friends as well)


  • Beach party, Great Stirrup Cay (Family can come, up to the graduate)


  • Las Vegas style pool party, on ship at night (Family can come, up to the graduate)


  • Señor Frogs Party in the Bahamas (featured for Family and friends)


  • Farewell Party (featured for Family and friends) 



How Does it Work?

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible for you to earn this FREE travel opportunity. Simply organize 8 cabins and you automatically get your base rate paid (excludes taxes AND gratuity). If you get 13 cabins, your cruise ticket will be paid for (excludes gratuity). Anything more than 13 will get you cash! Booking more than 13 cabins will get you $25.00 for each cabin you book. So call all your friends, colleagues, or complete strangers and you will travel absolutely FREE. Cabins can be doubles, triples, and quads. The more cabins under your name the better the chance you have to get YOUR cruise trip paid for by US. 

Grad Cruise Pricing  

SHIP: Norwegian Sky

SAILING DATE: June 10, 2015





(IC) INSIDE CABIN    $429.00   


(BA) BALCONY CABIN    $484.00



(IA) INSIDE CABIN    $392.33    


(BA) BALCONY CABIN    $422.33



(IA) INSIDE CABIN    $369.00   











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